The Kumba Massacre

The Anglophone crisis that began in October 2016 has yet made one of its most appalling cases. Where unidentified men attacked and slaughter unarmed children indiscriminately. From this abominable act, We call on the national and international community to act with firmness and honesty to see that the perpetrators are brought to judgement. We the people of Watchman Relief Association Global strongly condemns this barbaric and brutal killings. We share the pains and traumas of families, teachers, students… who are victims of these massacres. We reiterates our commitment and our attachment to institutions, to the values ​​of peace and stability, to tolerance. As an organization which is out to bring together young people from the ten regions of Cameroon, we will continue to work for quality education, through educating of our brothers and sisters in areas affected with crisis. Education is a fundamental right, so schools cannot therefore be assimilated to a dying place, let alone a theater of confrontation. UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development Just in Case United Nations Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life CNN International #wrag #EndAnglophoneCrisis #StopTheKillings #stopbadleadership

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