Promoting Entrepreneurship in secondary and higher institutions

The lack of requisite manpower, partial training of graduates, and their inability to create their own jobs or have the required skills for the job market, have contributed to the alarming rate of unemployment. It is for this reason that their skills and knowledge are exploited in forming radical pressure groups for example, which contributes to an unstable and politically volatile situation. This in essence, needs to be properly addressed to enable graduates from higher education institutions to use the relevant knowledge, skills and other attributes they possess to create their own jobs or gain and maintain a worthwhile employment instead of joining such pressure groups. Objectives The objectives of this training on promoting entrepreneurship in Cameroonian Universities and Secondary Schools are to: Stimulate entrepreneurial mindset and spirit amongst staff and students in Cameroonian Universities and Secondary Schools. Encourage innovation and generate jobs among university graduates. Educate Cameroonian Secondary the need to commercialize research projects that may contribute to generate revenue and also contribute to the sustainability and progress of the institutions of higher learning. Actively promote entrepreneurship as an attractive and viable career option among Cameroon’s students. Challenge secondary or high schools and higher education to incorporate entrepreneurship as part of their activities and curriculum. The program is sponsored by Watchman Relief Association Global in partnership with IPYG, GPLT, IPB. The program is aimed at arming students and young people to strive for their career aspirations and to identify their loopholes and hence strive for greatness. The program is scheduled to take place at Albert Camus College Dschang on the 27th of March 2021. All the participants are expected to pay 1000frs for their Certificates, latest date of payment will be on the 20th of March. If selected to attend the program, the participants will received details on how to pay for their cerificates. NB: The committee shall take care of feeding and printing of documents. Condition for Eligibility - Must be a Student in Uppersixth living in Dschang -Must be a University Students or Graduate living in Dschang. - Language English or French https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeaZWu-te83y8mU3QYvtwBEoVn0wrg58Kvrh-nrHpwZW8_Y9g/viewform

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