COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is taking so much from us, but it’s also giving us something special: the opportunity to come together as one humanity, to work together, to learn together and to grow together. As communities around the world face a rapid global outbreak of COVID-19, the Watchman Relief Association Global for strengthened multilateralism and a renewed commitment to democratic values, human rights and health equity.

Young people must work together to tackle the stigma, fear and misinformation that can lead to harmful and unethical actions. While we must be cautious of misinformation, we must be even more vigilant that affected entities remain transparent, sharing the information they have completely, honestly, and timely.

COVID-19 can be contracted from and by the rich and the young or old, which poses a critical public health risk to the entire community. Societies must come together to ensure that all people - regardless of their wealth or privilege, as well as gender, sexuality, age, nationality, migratory or any other status - are able to get tested and treated for this disease.

Take steps to protect yourself and your family
1) Clean your hands often
2) Avoid close contact
3) Stay home if you’re sick
4) Cover coughs and sneezes
5) Wear a facemask if you are sick
6) Clean and disinfect.
While they rely on God as their father and mother, they still need us.
Our visit today at the Our Lady of the Resurrection Orphanage.
We do not have much to give but the little we have we share because we believe that little beginnings matters

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