Entrepreneurship training program

Entrepreneurship training program The concept of Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in boosting economic growth and development. As such, WRAG has been focusing their efforts on promoting entrepreneurs by organizing workshops to empower the Youths . Promoting entrepreneurship goes beyond assisting incumbent entrepreneurs and business owners; it also encompasses inculcating an enterprising spirit among young people because youths are the source of the next wave of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship training, is aim to equip participants with relevant knowledge and skills regarded as a practical means to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

WRAG findings indicate that entrepreneurship training is effective in promoting cognitive and motivational outcomes resulting in more start-ups for instance, our theoritical understanding of how and why entrepreneurship training exerts a positive influence on entrepreneurial competencies is still lacking. The society especially the youths, need more studies on entrepreneurship training particularly on whether and in what specific ways training makes a difference.

The tangible response to the various appeals for more systematic studies on entrepreneurship, our study aims to validate the value of promoting entrepreneurship training among Youths, and specifically to examine whether activities that involve passive and active learning are effectively carried out. Some of them are; lessons, workshop talks, internships, mentoring, volunteering, visits to organization. Thus, these concepts improve entrepreneurial competencies and efficacy. Entrepreneurial competencies are not only relevant to those who aspire to pursue their own business ventures in the future; they are also increasingly being recognized as critical occupational skills in navigating the world of work in the twenty-first century. Watchman Relief Association Global focuses on the following;
 Small business
 Large Company
 Social Entrepreneurship
 Scalable Startup
 Innovative entrepreneurship
 Hustler entrepreneurship
 Research entrepreneurship
WRAG centered its ideology of effective entrepreneurial training on the following strategies;
 Market Penetration
 Product Development
 Market Development
 Diversification
Do you want to become an Entrepreneur? Or are you in need of someone to mentor you in your business? Watchman Relief Association Global is out to support the youths in realizing their skills in becoming an entrepreneur. For more information please fill out the form below.

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