Volunteer with us

Volunteer with WRAG and help us achieve zero hunger, quality education, gender equality no poverty, promote sustainability. Volunteering with the Watchman Relief Association Global means helping millions of Orphans, street children, vulnerable, widows and widowers around the world to Identify their roots and be aware that they are not alone. Our volunteers make a difference every day, contributing their expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas.WRAG offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in the areas they know best, while helping the organization achieve its goal of zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, no poverty and locating lost families. Our volunteer programme.


Watchman Relief Association Global Volunteers programme promotes volunteerism to support peace, agriculture, health education and environmental development worldwide. The WRAG programme partners with various organisations across and beyond WRAG, the application procedure and other aspects of the volunteering programme can be found on the WRAG website.